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Ochsenbrunnen Forest Playground

Themed adventure play stations focusing on

Ready, steady, go – let's head for the Ochsenbrunnen Forest Playground that promises loads of fun and heaps of action. Everything centers on OXEN: ox figures made of wood are great toys for young and old! On this very special day you visit oxen living in the woods – accompanied by WIDI.


  • The big Hiking Ox is just perfect for swinging, climbing and chilling-out.
  • High in the air is the motto of the Swinging Ox ... discover new heights before you continue to the next station.
  • Splish-splash water fun! Varied water games await you with buckets full of water and new water transport routes: the Drinking Ox looks forward to meeting you.
  • The Young Ox loves water as well and wants to play with you and your friends. "Psst" Little daredevils can even climb the ox...
  • Ever heard about a Hydraulic Ram? WIDI will show you how much fun it is: you can also call him Water Ram as it is a water-fed pump. Such pumps were invented in 1772 and perfected in 1796 just like we use it today. Can you imagine how it worked? In long past times farmers and secluded mountain huts had such pumps for their water supply since running water wasn't available in most places.
  • If you are tired and exhausted: take a rest on the lovely bench and restore your energies for all adventure to come.



  • Open during summer season and free of charge
  • Free parking on the spot
  • Forest Playground featuring varied adventure stations
  • Detailed information about oxen
  • HIGHLIGHTS: Hydraulic Ram
Ochsenbrunnen Forest Playground Ochsengarten Children
Ochsenbrunnen Forest Playground Ochsengarten

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