Haiming-Ochsengarten 670m - 1.538m

Mon, 21.09.2020

Morning Afternoon
12°C 23°C
30%Precipitation risk 50%Precipitation risk

More unsettled conditions as the day progresses

Haiming-Ochsengarten 670m - 1.538m

Tue, 22.09.2020

Morning Afternoon
12°C 23°C
20%Precipitation risk 40%Precipitation risk

Unsteady weather Showers in the afternoon

Haiming-Ochsengarten 670m - 1.538m

Wed, 23.09.2020

Morning Afternoon
12°C 22°C
30%Precipitation risk 60%Precipitation risk

Slightly foehny, but also very unstable

Haiming-Ochsengarten 670m - 1.538m

Thu, 24.09.2020

Morning Afternoon
11°C 23°C
20%Precipitation risk 50%Precipitation risk

A cold front will approach Occasionally foehny

Haiming-Ochsengarten 670m - 1.538m

Fri, 25.09.2020

Morning Afternoon
11°C 15°C
50%Precipitation risk 80%Precipitation risk

Approaching change in weather Distinctly cooling down

4 days trend

At the beginning of next week, we will be in the sphere of influence of a so called upper low pressure zone, which will reach from the Biscay to the Alpine region. The weather conditions will be mostly friendly, but not absolutely stable. Showers may occur especially in the second half of the day, especially in the mountains. Throughout the following days, intervals of foehn with sunshine and cloudy intervals with possible rain showers will contest for dominance. The wind will blow chiefly from the south and therefore the temperatures will remain unseasonally warm. From Friday through Saturday the weather situation will change: with a cold front the temperatures will cool down significantly. The snow line will increasingly decrease.

Day Outlook

Slightly foehny, but also very unstable


  Morning Afternoon
Mountain summit3.000 m 1°C 1°C
Mountain2.000 m 9°C 9°C
Haiming-Ochsengarten670 m - 1.538 m 12°C 22°C


Morning: Weak

Afternoon: Moderate

Hours of Sun

max. 4 Hours

Precipitation risk

Morning: 30%

Afternoon: 60%

Zero Degree Limit

3300 m

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