Summer in the Ötztal

Mountains of Holiday Fun!

250 peaks higher than three thousand meters make a wonderful backdrop for unlimited summer holidays full of superlatives with plenty of adventures and recreation, white waters and mountain lakes. What's best, the ultimate "Ötztal Premium Card" already includes varied Ötztal highlights throughout the valley. Active holidays for individual travelers await you here

Mountaineers, watch out: The Alps have a challenging new Haute Route – the scenic Ötztal Trek featuring 22 stages and 15 alternative routes with no less than 30,000 meters altitude gain and a total distance of 400 kilometers. The majestic Ötztal Alps make an outdoor paradise not only for expert alpinists and advanced climbers but also for more leisurely walkers and ambitious mountain bikers: some 1,600 kilometers of perfectly signposted hiking trails and 880 kilometers of breathtaking mountain bike routes are spread all over the valley's summits, slopes and plains.



Colorful landscape full of contrasts
Tirol's longest Alpine valley stretches 65 kilometers southwards between the Ötztal autobahn exit and the rear end of the valley with the biggest glacier ski area in the Eastern Alps. Throughout the summer a variety of highlights are scheduled within the valley's eight lovely holiday resorts - Haiming, Sautens, Oetz, Umhausen, Längenfeld, Sölden, Vent and Obergurgl-Hochgurgl. They all have a very special flair, ranging from sporty and stylish tourist centers to secluded mountain villages off the beaten tracks where you can still spend authentic summer holidays amid unspoilt nature.

The villages are spread over three terraced areas with different altitudes. Therefore the contrasts are really unique! Right at the entrance to the valley you can discover Haiming's Apple Route, the central Ötztal boasts lush green meadows and fields, and in the upper part you find the mountain villages of Vent and Obergurgl-Hochgurgl at almost 2,000 meters above sea level, embedded in flowering Alpine pasturelands. Obergurgl has the most beautiful Alpine Rose fields in early summer, marsh marigolds and magic blue gentian cover the entire landscape of awesome natural beauty. Additionally the air is crisp and clean, almost pollen-free and therefore ideal for allergy sufferers thanks to the close vicinity of the glaciers.

Ötztal Water Games
The best way to follow the tracks of the "white gold" are the marvelous Water Strider Trails, a network of themed walking routes giving an insight into the wet element in all its facets: frozen water of the eternal ice, rushing mountain brooks and waterfalls cascading down hundreds of meters, silent high Alpine lakes or healing spa waters coming from deep inside the earth. The breathtaking Water Strider Trails are perfectly signposted and also suitable for less experienced walkers. 2 out of 6 theme hiking routes have been awarded "Premium Trails" by the German Hiking Institute.

The splendid Stuiben Falls – Tirol's biggest waterfall near Umhausen – feature a total falling height of 159 meters. A wonderful trail along the waterfall takes passionate walkers to the nearby via ferrata towering high above the rushing mountain waters. From five panoramic platforms hikers can watch this nature spectacle close by. Real dare devils should not miss an exciting river rafting tour on the Ötztaler Ache brook, across the Imster Schlucht gorge or on the river Inn. Trend sports such as rafting, canyoning, kayaking or canoeing are scheduled here!

The mighty and healing power of water can be experienced at the Aqua Dome, Längenfeld's Spa Center offering plenty of water fun and healing spas for the whole family. Passionate swimmers or fishing fans are strongly recommended to head for picturesque Piburger See near Oetz, one of Tirol's warmest swimming lakes and a real natural gem.

A valley offering pure excitement and relaxation
The new AREA 47 at the entrance to the Ötztal stands for "Ultimate Outdoor Playground" offering unique attractions like the huge Water Area and a full range of exhilarating outdoor and action sports. An absolute must for adrenalin junkies spending a summer vacation in the Ötztal. Secured with ropes, daredevils can even jump from a bridge at the AREA 47. In Umhausen, a few kilometers southwards, a new oasis of recreation welcomes guests in search of rest and relaxation. The new Health Treatment Center opened by the Künig Group in September 2011, provides healing radon water which is said to have positive effects on several health problems.

All Highlights at a Glance

  • Ötztal. The Peak of Tirol.
  • Ötztal. Tirol's longest side valley. 65 km.
  • Wildspitze. Tirol's highest mountain. 3774 m.
  • Ötzi. "The Iceman", about 5250 years old.
  • 250 peaks higher than 3000 meters.
  • Ötztal Alps. The Eastern Alps' biggest glacier-covered area. 35 km².
  • Ötztaler Ache. One of the Alpine area's most spectacular white water rivers.
  • Ötztal Dialect. World Cultural Heritage since 2010.
  • Ötztal. Tradition & a sense of home (folkloric evenings, processions, traditional Ötztal costumes, …).
  • Ötztal Nature Park – Tirol's second biggest nature preserve.

Top Events

  • Ötztal. Ötztaler Cycle Marathon. 238 km, 5500 altitude meters. 4 Alpine passes.
  • Oetz. Folk Music and Dance on the Mountains.
  • Oetz. WIDIVERSUM Family Festival.
  • Oetz. NIVEA Family Festival.
  • Oetz. Alphorn Meeting..
  • Oetz. Pasture and Mountain Festival.
  • Oetz. October Fest.
  • Umhausen. Stuiben Run.
  • Längenfeld. Ötztal Climbing Camp.
  • Längenfeld. Thermal Spa Run.
  • Längenfeld. Regional Battalion Festival.
  • Längenfeld. 4-lakes Hike.
  • Sölden. Bike Opening incl. Expo Area.
  • Sölden. Ötztaler Moped Marathon.
  • Paperchase through Sölden – Cult Enduro Event.
  • Sölden. Fest on the Mountain.
  • Sölden. National Holiday of Bike Republic Sölden.
  • Obergurgl-Hochgurgl. Radio U1 Musicians Afternoon.
  • Obergurgl-Hochgurgl. Glacier Trail Run.
  • Obergurgl-Hochgurgl. Ötztal Culture Weeks.
  • Obergurgl-Hochgurgl. Crafts and Specialty Market.
  • Obergurgl-Hochgurgl. Ötztal glacier flea walk.
  • Vent. ARTeVENT.
  • Vent. Friedl of the Empty Pockets.

Lower Ötztal

  • Haiming. North Tirol's biggest fruit-growing region. Apple Road. Apple Mile.
  • Sautens. Schnaps Route. Tirolean distilling tradition and fine spirits.
  • Sautens. Magic Forest. Theme walking and hiking trail for all the family.
  • AREA 47. The Ultimate Outdoor Playground incl. Tirol's mightiest high rope park. Height 27 m.
  • Oetz. Acherkogel. The Eastern Alps' northernmost peak higher than 3000 meters. 3007 m.
  • Oetz. Piburger See. Tirol's warmest swimming lake.
  • Oetz. Vantage Platforms. Seejöchl Kanzel. Kluft. Ebele.
  • Oetz. WIDIVERSUM in Hochoetz – New kids adventure land at 2020 m altitude.


  • Urkraft Umhausen. Ötzi Village. Birds of Prey Park. Natural swimming lake. Stuiben Falls.
  • Ötzi Village. Archaeological outdoor park.
  • Ötztal Birds of Prey Park. Open-air arena covering 5000 m².
  • Stuiben Falls. Tirol's biggest waterfall. Falling height 159 m. 5 platforms, more than 700 steps, one 80-meter long suspension bridge.
  • Niederthai Hiking Village. 1500 m.


  • "Maurer Rinne" suspension bridge. Length 86 m. Height 70 m.
  • Ötztal Trail of Legends. 3 km theme trail to Gasthof Feuerstein, featuring life-size sculptures.
  • Kraftquell Places of Strength. Perfect to restore your energy.
  • AQUA DOME. Tirol's one and only thermal spa covering 22,000 m². 12 indoor and outdoor pools.
  • Gries Hiking Village. 1569 m.

Upper Ötztal

  • Sölden. ice Q gourmet und design restaurant.
  • Sölden. 007 ELEMENTS. James Bond exhibition, Cinematic Installation inside the peak of Gaislachkogl.
  • Sölden. BIG 3 vantage platforms on the glacier and at Gaislachkogl.
  • Sölden. Ötztal Glacier Road. The Eastern Alps' highest asphalt road. 2670 m.
  • Obergurgl-Hochgurgl. Europe's highest parish village. 1930 m.
  • Obergurgl-Hochgurgl. Nature Park info point at Hohe Mut. 'Glacier – Climate – High Alpine Research'. 2670 m
  • Obergurgl-Hochgurgl. Stone Pine Forest Trail. New insights and perspectives.
  • Obergurgl-Hochgurgl. Piccard Bridge (suspension bridge). Gurgler Ferner glacier.
  • Obergurgl-Hochgurgl. Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum. Europe's highest Motorbike Museum. 2175 m.
  • Obergurgl-Hochgurgl | Timmelsjoch. The Eastern Alps' highest mountain pass. 2509 m. Summer 2018: anniversary year.
  • Vent. Mountaineering village. 1900 m.
  • Vent. Rofenhöfe Farms. The Eastern Alps' highest mountain farmhouses. 2014 m.

Ötztal (Premium) Card

  • Ötztal Premium Card. Staying at one of the 300+ Premium Partner Lodgings, the Card is included for the duration of your stay (day of arrival excepted).
  • Ötztal Card. An alternative comparable to the Ötztal Premium Card. It can be purchased for 3, 7 or 10 days at varied selling points.

Walking & Hiking

  • 10 summer mountain lifts in operation
  • 1600 km of marked hiking trails
  • Long-distance hiking on Urweg Trail. Distance 200 km. 10,300 altitude meters. 12 stages.
  • Ötztal Trek. Awarded long-distance hiking route. Distance 400 km. 30,000 altitude meters. 6 routes. 22 stages.
  • Ötztal Water Strider Trails. Awarded theme walking routes on the tracks of Ötztal waters. The wet element in all its facets. White waters – Silent waters – Healing waters.
  • ALMZEIT in Sölden. Kraftquell in Längenfeld. Theme Walks in Ötztal.
  • 10 Geocaching loop tours incl. treasure hunting maps in Ötztal.

Rock Climbing

  • 750 rock climbing routes. 20 climbing gardens. 8 via ferratas.
  • 3 high rope parks. AREA 47. Outdoor Course Sautens. Rope Park Längenfeld.
  • Ötztal Climbing Camps.

Mountain Biking

  • 45 mountain bike tours covering 880 km incl. the unrivaled "Ötztal Cycle Trail".
  • Single Trails. Tirol's one and only region with approx. 40 km of official trails.
  • Sölden. Bike Republic Sölden. Varied man-made lines, nature trails, pump tracks.


  • Unique network of white water and canyoning tracks. River rafting and kayaking on Ötztaler Ache mountain brook.
  • Auer Klamm. Tirol's most frequented canyoning ravine.
  • Ötztaler Ache. Tirol's most extreme white water rafting.
  • Paragliding. The Ötztal Alps from a bird's eye view.